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APR 21 1924 

When You Build Your Home, Build Well! 

OL R own Home! For months — or years — you probabl) have 
planned the Home you desire to build, until it has become 
quite real to you. 

\ our home will therefore, as nearly as possible, reflect \our per- 
sonality. It will be the place where a great part of your time will 
he spent; it will he the background of I he developing minds of your 
children. In your imagination you picture it always as new. bright 
and comfortable, and in good taste. 

\our family and friends will -hare this atmosphere of individu- 
ality and refinement which you will build into your home. And you 
want to make this home of your- not only attractive and built so a^ 
to be easily kept that way. but also secure against deteriorating ele- 
ments — safe from all the hazard- of fire. 

Before you build, you will be interested to see what Milcor 
Methods and Materials can accomplish in the attainment of vour 
ideals, at a sensible cost! Homes built with Milcor Metallic Products 
are distinctive. Their rooms remain new and attractive in appear- 
ance. They possess character — refinement! They are fireproof, 
crackproof and sanitary. Economical, too, in first cost, as well a- 
presenting the immense advantages of minimum upkeep exepense 
during years to come. 

Of particular appeal is the ease with which Milcor-made room- 
can be kept spick-and-span. This consideration i- among the most 
important to the Wife who knows only too well the pi dems ordi- 
narily attendant on the task of keeping the home clean and attractive. 

the eldt r days of Art, 
Builders wrought with greatest en 

Each it*' a unseen part; 

* * * # 

I j t US do our work as well. 
Both the. tmeeen and the seen/' 

From Long f elf ore, • 

"The Builders." 


Stay-Rib Lath Insures Permanence 


| r 


, II 

iid llu 

9 * 

: lii 
••I' ' » Wild 

it ii 






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v II 

I v 


, ,, , 


v. . 




i m 

A M. 


t 6 




»ci< Ig w 





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t \ ufl 




The rigidity of this lath permits wider spacing of studs or sup- 
ports. You benefit by better construction without increased cost. 

In much the same manner as concrete is reinforced by steel, 
plastered walls on a Stay-Rib base are actually steel-reinforced. 
When the plasterer applies the mortar to the lath, the slightest pres- 
sure from his trowel forces the mortar through the metal meshes. 
The plaster hardens, permanently "keyed" to the lath — a wall thai 
will never chip, crack, warp or "stripe" the way wood-lathed walls 
usually do. In sound-proofness and in fireproof qualities, Milcor 
Metal Lath construction is without equal. 

Large sheets of Milcor Stay-Rib, w r ith an area of 16 square feet, 
may be applied to the wall studs in one operation. This results in an 
important saving over the laborious method of fastening wooden laths 
one at a time. Furthermore, the Stay-Rib mesh is such that "scratch- 
ing in" and "doubling back" (as plasterers call it) can be done 
from the same scaffold — -practically two-coat work, at a big saving. 

Walls of greater strength may be made as "thin" as 1% or 2 
inches by the Milcor Method. Space is saved — larger rooms are 
obtained from a given area. And through combined use of Milcor 
Metal Products finer artistic effects, greater comfort, firesafeness and 
maximum permanence can be built into your Home. 

The rigidity of Milcor Stay- Rib Metal Lath 

makes it easily handled in large sheets— 8 feet 
Song hy % feet wide. Labor costs for erection 
are thus reduced to the minimum. Wider 
spacing of studs is also possible because of 
this rigidity^ this means fewer studs, less 
material and labor. 




Why Wood Lathed Walh Crack. 

As sooji as the building begins to settle, 
each individual lath aits as a lever, pivoted 
on its supporting nails. With this long lever- 
age each lath shears off the narrow ridges of 
plaster which provide the only grip-hold 0" 
the wood. Naturally, the loosen* d wall cracks, 
bulges', sags or falls off completely. 

c^;k;k«^ fj 

Why Stay-Rib Lathed Walls arePermanen f. 

The rigid tat Ribs, all interconnected 
elim ate the condition which gives shearing 
leverage to the ina dual wooden lath. The 
expanded metal takes up str\ es caused by 
nettling. And the multitude of little hooks 

or "keys" of plaster will never be sheared 
off by the metal strands. Milcor Metal Lath 
keeps the plaster backgro, tact. 





MilcoF^ Stay-Rib Lath Insures Permanence 





V ** 



r matei a take the pla of the Milcor Line, The 

invention of these i \&\u\* ii arked the beginning 

o! .1 ri( w i i in fine home constrm i ion« 

The pi 1 1 « . 1 1 advantage- attained through the us< of Milcor 

Metal Product endoi ed l»\ leading \rchite<is, Contractors uii 

I. ii H |hti\ 

Vmoi tl a Milcor Producti id li should be of particulai in 

-it*< | i.mulv u*mplatin£ 1 lie buildii ol B I lonie are 

I. Mil r Stay-kil> Metal Lath. 

\1ii V< me&h Metal Lath. 

Mil Exp rt ( • i Beads. 

1. Mi; >i / tpansion Door and Window I 

Mil i / sponsion I • - r«-rd. 

Mih <»r ' •!!< I M- I tl Pii ture Molding 

MIL* OR Sic -Rib Metal Lath 

a r J>. </ i foi pla <g 

Tin f met a I lath a?* < red to wood lath, mnol 

»ul I »ul i oi ti < I lath v jsi il 

touard he ci kpi f, fireproof « pern ! plaste" d t\ | 

*all Vi\ li j- r i If- to through the elopmea A 

M .t- in Si H \ I I 

< *a& esf Mil r Eng n exp«r imeot* 

v h man n* i qMUlded metal \ /Jth of /n«-d< ril 

br tit- an I deal result, for rigid ih ^' 



fl the Mih <»r . Rib 



I he ii <lii\ oi ilu^ l.iifi permits w i < I # - 1 *p •>( stud* »u| 

purl You bcnefil bv In'i.j rouMruetion without inci d I 

In much flic nit mamit-i increte i- reinfi d b\ ^i I. 

I • I - ■ - 1 • i «'«l w ; ■ 1 1 - on .1 n \\ Rib h.i^e e actually eel i- 

When the phi teiei ipplie tl c m to the la the -I I pre** 

from In- trowel f«>i > tin- mortal through (he rm I n 
The plaMei hardens, permanently "keved to the lath i \ II I ii 
will ri « -hi |> f crack warp or trip< th< w nod- lathed wall* 

■ j - 1 j «i 1 1 v do In uund'proofiir ml in fkrep I qualities Vlil 
\\r\ i| | ,aih nstrm i ion i vs ithoul equ ■ i 

Large sheet- oi Vlilcoi Sta) Rib with I 16 iq » 

ii be applied to th wall itud* in on I In- re*ult^ in 

important -,iv ovei the I i -us method of ta-*l linjj v den lath 

ne at a time Km thei moi thi Sta) Rib m h is *ueh thai 

n ii i«l oubling I'M k las | i-h r^ call it ) ! ■■ I >ne 

I I oni tl • nut i illidil |)i icticall) i v\i» vv«m k il j I. 

Will- i.l eatei «%tn h ma\ be made as Inn <• I 1 J 

ineli b\ the \l il« or Met I I Spat i 

•btained f i oni i n area \n»l throi bined use oi \l i 

Mel dPi odu< 1 1 finei irtisl eff< eatei r *res*i 'I 

n . inn i pei i in c i an be built inl ur lh»me 


' l4li 



U h v W ood I ciihfti U alii k. 

/- « I 

pr. fc l 

m* <r 

tnn*» f ' 





Mil( oKj Expansion Corner Beads 


ftatfr * 



SIDE from m d< n i live in a home thai \^ i J I ni.nn it- 

riginal appearance ol newness foi lonp y ears to com* then 

anotl ctiral angle de&ervin of \<mi consideration. 

Some <l«i\ \<>u max want to sell thi* I hum 

Pi - 1 ><m 1 1 \ <- buyei will critical I) inspect the wall>. Plaster 
cracks I I corners, ch vage cracks al inner angles of walb «»i 
ceil - u] around dooi and window i sings, would seriously ell<-«i 
tl >u would like to get. 

rd agaii I thai possibility lb ■ ill comen and angb*^ 

H ne protected b\ Milcor Expansion Corner Beads. The\ 

will w 1 1 1 1 nd the mosi n abuse. I he cra&h ol 

furniture of childrens' < I* 01 loy§ f which would 

chip ugh chunks fr< ihe i pla-tried COI 

ner, will leave no iHI Lale marks i the Mlih mid 
corner! The network ol dian id -haj>ed • sanded 

D al it) Mill I I i pani i rier li< I rdon « 

• I at tin [j ularlv i itinera bte point 

I In e o( blow* or - i- mattered by thi 

"ia\ mesh. ^ l paii"l< d piaster gets undu 

-train. I l.<- ! i head Si I- ai n |da!< 

in w B blow* ; would irdinaril) pro* 

< ornei i ks caused b\ settling ol aw lathed 



Mil cor Eji Comer Bead V<>. 2 for 

inner aiu/h s oj trulls fat lim oj junrtir 

of wall* and ceiling, 

structure will be avoided in your Home if Milcor Expansion Corner 
Head and Metal Lath are used. When a wood-lathed building settles, 
the lath at the corner of two adjoining walls are free to move inde- 
pendently of each other. The plaMer, under such strains in opposite 
directions, naturally cracks along the corner, the point of concen- 
tration of the "shearing stress" of these opposing forces. 

Milcor Expansion Corner Bead prevents this. Even when ap- 
plied to walls of wood lath or of other construction. Expansion Cor- 
ner Bead affords greater protection than any other corner reinforce- 
ment known. 

Precisely straight-lined corners, which will add a plain, quiet 
I ouch of beauty to the rooms of your Home, are made certain with 
this ideal Corner Bead, The solid metal bead is formed hy "cold 
drawing" the steel — a process which in-ures true lines. The plas- 
terer likes this straight line corner, for it gives him a positively re- 
liable guide to work to in getting his wall surface perfectly flat and 

The solid metal bead extends out to the surface of the plaster at 
either inner or outer angles. The expanded metal wings extend in 
under the plaster, which "keys" through both the wings and the 
lath beneath, uniting them in a permanent bond and doubly rein- 
forcing the corner. 

The ease and speed with which Milcor Expansion I orner Beads 
may be erected is an item worth your attention. They can be wired, 
stapled or "stuck" in place, quickly and securely. This saving in 
labor usually more than offsets the slight extra co-t of thi- un- 
equalled Corner Bead. 

In this important detail, again you benefit by receiving more 
permanent construction without extra expense, because of reduced 
labor costs with Milcor Metallic Produ< its. 

stfitixth indicate that the a r- 
ago pro i.s reached h\t modern fire' 
fighting apparatus within fifteen 
minutes \er the blaze starts. The 
F i r e Vndi rwriters' Laboratw ies 
hare sit a One How Rating on Metal 
Lath constructii —this rating re- 
suited frwn U t$ proving thai even 
re fire is con/ht for >'t I <t 
one hour to the room <n which it 
originai if thai room fats metal- 
athod \st ruction. 



J nlrd l»\ tin \Iil« \l «ll .<ili melho 

1M1 m i* tin -i imports id l«»i sou to conaidei 

I i< ! that the Indnvsilrr I ! - li,t\< pi ©d ,i N|,. 

H I (I laid pi. i-l (I *alU and | rtitiofia f ev< 

.en um-iI o\ei \ Mud i |4 lion, i |>ro»*ive rvi- <»( thr 

VI i VfHall V 

I HoUl C\CII . v\oul<i llC 

r at I >ur, to I room in which il started. 

- *h«>» the I \<*i nutct an ■■*! critical in tlie 

if thr fin I failed t« »•«*<) n«»t un« 

hat turn • uill be ma "ft mtl much damag* 

Mil il lathed *all- it lean ///// an 

I hat 

*ll\ \lllrof 

to it 11 r t 

• jall\ //^ ft 

I dteeri t nnuall\ i tl i altaj ol ti> 

Fin Demon in I nited ihe n ^ \ - i- up%% ai <i 

I ' Hut lilhon l>oll 

Build M Main laU and Method ak< 

ONtru ut petti* 

M > \[K 

i Ha** s 

Irittead I Did vlf M .w,Jeo Um board <OOrr widel 

lit* separation l*H*eet) (daaterad trail 

Mil* or I tin t tlunf 

' It utfc ia bate line and i pan 

tbh uMra 1' tho* t I 1 

I ^ 

and \et 

Metal l*th ( 


Mil< o/^ Expansion Door and Window Casing 

TRULY a - menl w the invenl I \l 

pan i m ■ Sen artisl icalh 

itai hi' ife i 1 1 I < hi' tli 

I i \ nt'w expanded n ad 

hi J, urns) » ex| len 

metal i aain 

\\ hi \hl i Exp ins ion ' ^ 

ii w ind< -v\ - hh> m obj thr« 

nol i ill in ihe i Iv wal I w h ii-h ar tin lei 

itu.illv a und d - and w i tri led w ith \ 

>s ol Neith will i i>lid me n lt 

i - n Casing> ever I m< r n <l i 

l >in;^ i 1 1 1 \ S) ftftt'i i month 

[ ml I I n-hf in the |>l i-t i- I i « 

re) with th twork of expai I metal i an. i pen 

bond to the wall-base, ther innot j bl\ 


bet utyn - a wall. itli 



such 5ep wrks u in t<> il 

has n< hi on such -. Vs ra 

ci the> otter in ideal harl for • lu.-t and ver n —an un- • irv 


I » 

»n which - (>r ilK m >atil 

j i tndii Vlil< I - I eas* 

mm ulatel Just an ru 

Mil ti m 

il\ . H >us4 ning w.»rk - . atlv r 

d II 




\J Expansion Casing broken away 

thoh is locktd ttylilly u al dipt 

.'en nb of door or u These 

p f . buried the pic r and t 

.11 away. 

The only exposed part of the Milcor Expansion Casing is a neat, 
solid metal molding, about one inch wide and three-quarters of an 
inch deep. The beautiful simplicity of this casing-molding permits 
the most desirable sort of architectural effects and adds an indescrib- 
able charm and an air of refinement lo the general appearance of 
rooms that are Mil cor trimmed. Three styles of molding are avail- 
able — see the "profile" sketches on page 9. 

Just compare the clumsy, old-fashioned, six-inch wooden casing 

with this neat, narrow, metal band, flush with the plastered wall- 

urface. The contrast from the standpoint of appearance alone is 

o strongly favorable io the Milcor Expansion Casing that most 

people who get a good conception of this modern metal product are 

not satisfied with any other type ol casing. Then when you con- 

ider the economy and many practical advantages gained through 

Milcor Expansion Casings, in addition lo their pleasing appearance, 

you will appreciate the reason for the increasing popularity of this 

improved method of trimming doors and windows. 

For permanent*' ae well as for better artistic effects, for exterior 
or interior work, Milcor Expansion Casings are supreme. They can 
never warp; they are fireproof and wear proof; they lend themselves 
nicely to distinctive color schemes, finished in the same tone as the 
wall or in a shade or two darker, to harmonize with the decorative 


Exterior Expansion Casings fabricated from Pure Zinc- or Pure 
Cold Rolled Copper are recommended particularly for trimming of 
doors and windows in stucco construction. The immunity these ma- 
terials possess against corrosion make them ideal for this purpose. 
Galvanized steel ! tpansion Casings are generally used for interior 
trim, although /mc or copper are also recommended highly for 

Not only have Milcor engineers provided this perfeci Door and 
Window Casing, but they have also invented a special clip, or lock. 

h\ mean* f which die erection of Expansion Casings is greatly facil- 




itated. This patented Casing fastens in under the solid metal- 
molding, securely locks the casing to the door jamb and is entirely 
out of sight when the wall is completed, embedded in the finished 
plaster. This is a little detail, but important, for it eliminates any 

chance for any portion of the cas- 
ing to separate from the door or 
window jamb, 

the initial cost of 
\lilcor Expansion Door and Win- 
dow Casings as compared with 
hardwood casings. Consider the 
freedom from upkeep expense and 
the saving in labor-cost of erection. 
You'll find it pays well to specify 
this ultra-modern type of construc- 

The Three Styles in 
Expansion Casings 


No. 4— $£ Round. 

- • 

No. 6—0. G. 

No. 8—0. G .— 24 Cause. 

Be Sure You Are Right, 
Then Go Ahead. 

No man can get very far into 
plans for building a home for his 
family, before realizing that he is 
embarking on one of the greatest 
undertakings of his life. 
The building of a home deserves the most serious consideration 
of modern construction methods and materials. 

Be sure you are right before you start. The pleasure and advan- 
tages of owning your own home may be lost through worry about 
poor construction. Have your building — 

". . . wrought with greatest care 
Each minute' and unseen part." 
Most of these Milcor Products will be unseen in the finished 
structure. But in years to come, you will be mighty glad they are 
Shere. Build so that your Home remains new! 

Rooms built with 
1/ / / c o r Expaksion 
Casings and other 

Milcor Products al- 
ways look new ami 
arc easily kept im- 
maculately ch an. 

The expanded metal wing pro •■■> a mul- 
titudi of ho the plaster, right up 

to the base of the casing. The overlapping 

'js at c ers add still more strength t 
this sturdy construction. Not\ that the mor- 
tar fiows iii under tht solid metal molding 
where it hardens into i at onv 

pOSSibx / of marring or irtrj i mold - 





MilcoK' Netmesh Lath Ideal for Curves 



rc*-<]ui - 

||< . - I M 


1.1 I 

0\l f tin l.mi feal ol M i It 01 Neti \l< tal I «th 

i- ii- il' lity, wl . — ii ni r > i on « m \ t'd w t J r 

.in I .1 ii. him I pi. • • ii ioni and othci 

k I lath thai \ i pi <*< i^<*l \ I <>» mi I i«> 111 ui 

rve> oj Ii- ul w.ill- I 1 1 1 

\h ui' h \\ d* it I v • Mo nu< Ii form i i 

|m-ii 111. 

I !uht\ ol \<-t t*>\\ M«*lal L.iilito n« i the forci ol »hocki* 

aquatic I tn nrtuurk "I i pandrd <!i~ ipatr* 

il.' I rnpldd tl *all* plu**t< I on I Ii i Mill or I 

a • I lo the hart le 

I Ii; I U d n ol Milrcii Nrlnif^h l.ilh jMiiiiil 


ir i vn k t i^li \< y ea* il \ and lo I tint m-ik 

III. • ■ I -i i 

Mil* .i V | N -trong and depmdahh \h iim ol 

ilir \1 1 1 cm* for it i ^ ■ narhinery cut* »rt *lil 

i On -hex I * in i tlioi i M all) . i in.i 

mil *|it rfian ^ ii • < f liitli diamond 

«haj • I * ' I- ) eaa reault* in -mall l\ I ini 'I ill. i 

» liUM'V * 

teen prov « n i 

* (or the l*->i 



I ibe 

I . 

all na 
i . 

% f i 

hi I 




ad i r 1 1 

A latli 
an ind < qualities v\ I an h Ii \alual 

all Mile »r Metal Lflll al \ in 

I ' lad pa- il 

<*\ placed ai floor I 

fillnl Mi'li | rn|jy*1i|il 

w « and thttf lo i I l 

I fl**rt^* bci * 

naA rougbou! u Mom, 



Mil cor Concealed Picture Molding is fas- 
tened directly over the lath. The plaster 
keys through the holes in the molding and 
binds it firmly to the lath beneath. 

MilcoK~> Concealed Picture Molding 


SINCE the perfection of Milcor Concealed Metal Picture Mold- 
ing, the old fashioned, protruding wooden picture molding is 
no longer in vogue. 
This new style metal molding, embedded firmly in the plastered 
wall not only improves the appearance of the room because of its 
inconspicuousness, but at the same time provides a staunch support 
for pictures, tapestries, mirrors or other wall decorations. 

Dust and vermin cannot collect on Milcor Concealed Picture 
Molding. The plaster is trowelled flush with the two metal beads 
that form the outer edge of the groove of the molding. This narrow 
groove alone appears as a fine line in the finished wall. This mold- 
ing cannot sag — it cannot show ill-matched ends, as wooden mold- 
ing usually does. Clean, unobstructive and strong — see that this 
modern metal molding is installed in your Home. 

The Five Most Vulnerable Points. 
Ask your Architect and Contractor about the Five Most Vulner- 
able Points in Dwellings. The Milcor Method of Metal Construc- 
tion will insure you of maximum protection at these points. 

Beautiful, crackprooj ', fireproof walls— sani- 
tary, unobstructive Door and Window Cas- 
ings instead of clumsy woodwork — pictures 
and decorations afloat from modern Milcor 
Concealed Molding, a barely perceptible 
metal groove instead of dirty, sagging, misfit 
wooden molding. 

Milcor Metal Products are the dis 
tincHon of the truly modern home. 

To Every Room of the Home, MILcoRj Metallic 
Construction Brings a Greater Measure of Comfort 

The Living Room: 

Crackproof, fireproof walls and ceiling on Stay-Rib 
Metal Lath — exposed corners above the Fire Place 
protected by Expansion Corner Ban/ — all outer and 

inner angles made crackproof by Kxpansion Corner 
Bead — windows and doors neatly trimmed with 
wod looking, sanitary Milcor Expansion Casings 
(none of that clumsy, old fashioned, ornate, gin- 
gerbread woodwork). Wide expanses of wall, un- 
broken by protruding molding or dirt-collecting 

woodwork. Specify these Milcor Products for your 

Living Boom. 
The Dining Room: 

Sanitary, vermin-proof, Expansion Door and Win- 
dow Casings — crackproof walls and ceiling — per- 
manent corners! ('lean, attractive— and easy to 

keep thai w;iy. You'll waul Milcor Products in 
your Dining Room. 

The Bed Rooms: 

Soundproof walls and ceiling are ]>ossible in your 

Home if Milcor Stay-Rib or Netmesh Metal Lath is 
used properly. Bedroom furniture is moved almost, 
daily — you will want these concealed "bumpers" on 
all corners. Expansion Corner Bead will perma- 
nently protect plastered corners and defied blows 
which would ruin ordinary corners. Expansion 
Metal (;isiiiL r s keep dust, dirt and cold from getting 
in at door and window jambs. The Bed Rooms of 
your Home deserve Milcor construe! on. 

The Kitchen: 

As ;i se lor glazed Tile in the walls of you 

kitchen, Milcor Stay-Rib i^ ideal because of its su- 
perior rigid . . Kitchen wall corners need the pro- 
tection of Expansion Corner Bead. Ceiling and 

walls If plnsi. ,w Xetmesli or Stay-Rib, wil] not 

sag or cr t, in spite «>i louds of steam and change 
oi temperature three times daily in your kitchen. 
r l sanitary features of Expansion f'n^imrs and 

the ease with winch th« can be lv'*P' spotlessly 

clean, make them most desirable for door and win- 
dow casings in this busiest room of your Home. 
Specify the best for your Kitchen — your wife de- 
serves this extra consideration — Milcor construc- 
tion will be appreciated by Her. 

The Bath Room: 

As a reinforcing base for concrete floor in which 
finished tile or terrazo floor is laid, Stay-Rib Lath 
is important, as well as for the base for tile and 
plastered walls, Milcor lathed walls and ceiling 
will never sag or warp from the clouds of steam 
Expansion Door and Window Casings won't warp 
or separate from the wood jamb. For permanence, 
have these Milcor Products in the Hath Rooms and 
Lavatories of your Home. 

The Furnace Room: 

Wherever the tire hazard requires consideration, 

Milcor construction is of vital importance. Cellar 

ceilings plastered on Milcor Metal Lath will insu- 
late tin 1 first floor of your home from cold, damp- 
ness fire. The Laundry Room. Fruit Cellar and 

other "underground" rooms can be plastered in a 
permanent, practical manner with Milcor Metal 


The Garage: 

Maximum insulation from cold, from heat, from 
fire or moisture is obtained in the Mileor-Iathed 
garage. Where garages for three or four or more 
cars are built, with separate stalls for each car, 

Milcor Netmesh or Stay-Rib parti tions, form a prac- 
tical, economical means of separation. 

Closets Under Stairway: 

Fires often start in such places, if ;i stairway is 
wrecked a fire may have horrible consequences. 

Guard against this jK>ssihility — have all closets Mil- 

cor-lat bed. 

For Fire-Stops between partitions and for covering 

Plumbing pipes and hea( ducts, specify Milcor 


Milcor Fireproof Building Products 

are Manufactured by 

Milwaukee Corrugating Company 

Kansas City, \fo 


La Crosse. \\ is. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Fd free to communicate direct with our main office or any of our branches if you desire further details 

*ig. co . mil 


I* all 

tilt' 1 

iiiiii"' 'i|| v 


m ", 


" • i" ! u/'tiimii 


• i 

"^'•m, .• ,;; 





;»IJ|j ;• 

•i: : 




« : 




..;il;>: ',■!!!,,■' 


■'■ • 

.™., '•in; MjHIiMM* 

i r- . *■, 

• „, 



'■mil; . ' iiHMii. 

I'.i. it: »■ 



■ !.!!!■■ : ; i^''T 



: ^i/^: </:■;■, 

■ ' : - ; ' ■ I! 

' «; '" iilll 

• ■ ' 

ill ;|\ 

' ii* • ■> 



Z," :: ; ■ .. : ":l 

ill' ;